© Armin Thalhammer

Young Fast Running Man combines elements of traditional Blues, 60s Rock, Country and Folk. Listening through the album, you will come across classic Blues ingredients slide guitars, open-tuned acoustic-fingerstyle picking and Blues harps, but also ballads with trumpets, mandolin and strings.

Many musical forefathers have undeniably left their mark on this musician, John Mayall, Bob Dylan and The Kinks among them.
Especially the songs with harmonica solos show the influence of Neil Young. But you will find that the singer-songwriter with the
melodious name Young Fast Running Man is not only paying
homage to icons of the last century. Younger artists like Eddie
Vedder, I Am Kloot and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shine through aswell.

The artist’s brothers might have been his biggest inspiration, though. Not only have their musical careers evolved next to each other since childhood days, they are also still the loyal core of his live band.

The family aspect is likely to contribute to the music’s authenticity – or to use less of a buzzword: down-to-earthness. Hailing from rural Lower Bavaria and living in Munich, the songwriter sings with a deep and euphonic voice about social issues and how people’s lives change in different ways. All his pondering manages to get to you without pathos and hollow phrases. On the contrary: with little hints to irony, the songs never drift off to severity. Together with the tunes, the lyrics maintain a lightness that delivers on the promise of the album title and artist’s name. The restlessness also found in this Young Fast Running Man point to a young mind, not ready to settle.
(One might add: is it any wonder that you won’t find a single love song on this album?) It rather tells you to just get in the car and go, no destination ahead.


Young Fast Running Man